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Decorative Spiral Weave Mesh

Spiral weave mesh, also known as balanced weave belts or architectural conveyor belts, is composed of horizontal rods and vertical bend wires. The rods can be straight or bent. It was originally used in industry, mainly for the transportation of raw materials or products on the assembly line. Later, because of the beautiful pattern, exquisite workmanship and other characteristics, it has been gradually accepted and approved by designers in architecture system. Spiral wire mesh is widely used in architectural decoration, such as window&door curtains, exterior wall decoration, ceiling decoration, store partition, etc.

Color, shape or size can be customized

Spiral Weave Mesh Series

Decorative Spiral Weave Mesh Belt Styles

Spiral Weave Mesh Series 1

Open Area: 52%
Material: stainless steel
Weight: 9.80 kg/m2
Surface: original
Thickness: 22 mm
Max. Width: 5 m
Max. Height: On request

Spiral Weave Mesh Series 2

Open Area:76%
Weight: 3.65 kg/m2
Material: stainless steel
Thickness:6 mm
Surface: Original
Max. Width: 3 m
Max. Height: On request

Spiral Weave Mesh Series 3

Open Area: 53%
Material: stainless steel
Surface: Original
Weight: 6.84 kg/m2
Overall thickness: 9.5 mm
Max Width: 5 m
Max Height: On request

Spiral Weave Mesh Series 4

Open Area: 45%
Material: Stainless steel
Weight: 2.0 lbs/sq ft
OverallThickness: mm
Max. Width: 3 m
Max Height: Unlimited

Spiral Weave Mesh Series 5
Spiral Weave Mesh Series 6
Spiral Weave Mesh Series 7
Spiral Weave Mesh Series 8

Spiral Weave Mesh Used As Decorating

Spiral weave mesh finds increasing popularity in exterior facade applications. It serves as facade cladding, enhancing the aesthetics of various spaces such as exhibition halls, hotels, and office buildings. Its high open area and distinctive appearance make it particularly attention-grabbing.

Beyond facade cladding, conveyor belt facade wire mesh can also be utilized for various decorative and functional purposes, including as metal fabric for space dividers, handrails, and balustrades.

Spiral Weave Mesh Series 9
Spiral Weave Mesh Series 10
Spiral Weave Mesh Series 12
Spiral Weave Mesh Series 13
Spiral Weave Mesh Series 14

Spiral Weave Mesh Specification Detail

Norminal Mesh


Spiral Pitch(mm)

Spiral Wire Dia(mm)

Rod Wire Pitch(mm)

Rod Wire Dia(mm)

 7.7 16.94 1.63 19.05 1.63
 8.9 16.94 2.03 19.05 2.03
 7.3 10.16 1.42 12.70 1.42
 6.7  10.16 1.63 12.70 1.63
6.0 7.26 1.22 8.47 1.22
 6.0  7.26 1.42 8.47 1.42
 6.4  7.26 1.63 8.47 1.63
 6.1  6.35 1.42 6.35 1.42
 6.4  6.35 1.63 6.36  1.63
4.0 5.08 0.91 6.35 1.22
5.2 5.08 1.22 6.36 1.22
5.6 5.08 1.22 5.08 1.22
Spiral Weave Mesh Series 15
Spiral Weave Mesh Series 16

Spiral Weave Mesh Manufacturers and Suppliers Factories

YESON is a decorative mesh supplier of versatile and economical expanded metal that is made from high-quality metal wire. Our decorative mesh is available in many sizes, openings, and material types.

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Spiral Weave Mesh FAQs

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Can I have a sample to check first?

Yes, we do offer free samples or small trial orders for you to check. Just inform our specialists of the details, and they’ll assist you with it.

Yes, we have been in providing the professional products in fence field for 30 years.

Yes, as long as provide specifications, drawings can only do what you want products.

Usually within 15-20 days , customized order may need longer time.

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