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Chain Link Type Aluminum Coil Mesh Curtain

  • Product Name: Chain Link Type Aluminum Coil Mesh Curtain
  • Size: Customizable
  • Material: brass, copper, aluminum alloy, low carbon steel,
  • Wire Diameter: 0.5–2 mm.
  • Aperture Diameter: 3–20 mm.
  • Diamond Height: 3–20 mm.
  • Diamond Width: 5.5–35 mm.
  • Coil Outside Diameter: 3.75–19.5 mm.
  • Coil Inside Diameter: 4–24 mm.
  • Place of Origin: Anping, Hebei, China.
  • Services: We can provide samples, inform customers of the progress by taking photos and recording videos during production to reassure customers, and update customers on market trends from time to time.
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Product Description

Chain Link Type Aluminum Coil Mesh is made with super quality stainless steel, aluminum alloy, brass, copper, or other alloy materials. Metal wire mesh fabrics are now catching the eyes of modern designers.
With its versatility, unique texture, variety of colors, durability, and flexibility, metal wire mesh fabric offers a modern decoration style for construction. When it is used as curtains, it offers a variety of color changes with light and gives unlimited imagination.

Note: Whether in color or size, Anping YESON offers customization services. Besides, if you have any requirements for packaging, we will try our best to meet them. Please send us your real requirements and get the products to your satisfaction.

Product Show

Product Details

Chain Link Type Aluminum Coil Mesh Curtain

Install & Part

Chain Link Type Decorative Aluminum Coil Mesh Curtain 10
surface treatment
track size
material thickness
Pulley material
1.4mm aluminum
stainless steel/ PU
pulley qty
track type
install type
8pcs per meter
Straight track
Curved track
top install
side install
to be order
install process
Hole mounting with a 6 mm drill

Installation System

Product Application

• Space divider.
• Wall decoration.
• Ceiling decoration.
• Window curtain.
• Handrail balustrade.
• Elevator cab mesh

• Facade cladding.
• Glass laminated wire.
• Sunshade screen.
• Security door.
• elevator cabins screen.
• Floor covering fabrics

• Wire mesh facades.
• Shade screens.
• Architecture ceilings.
• Metal draperies for walls.
• Partition and isolation screens.
• Staircases isolation screen.

Chain Link Type Decorative Aluminum Coil Mesh Curtain Application

Package & Delivery

Chain Link Type Decorative Aluminum Coil Mesh Curtain Package

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