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Metal Coil Drapery Curtain

A metal coil drapery curtain, also known as a metal coil curtain, is made from stainless steel or aluminum alloy wire for strength and durability. Surface finishes like electropolishing, electrophoresis, painting, anodizing, or spray painting offer visually appealing options. It is an ideal decorative product for architects and designers, with customizable colors to match various architectural styles. With a wide range of materials, colors, and sizes available, it can be tailored to achieve the desired aesthetic in any space.
As a professional manufacturer, we prioritize high-quality standards and provide complete metal coil curtain accessories for easy installation and customer satisfaction.

Metal Coil Drapery Series

Metal Coil Drapery Curtain Styles

Metal Coil Drapery Series 1

Material: Aluminum Alloy
Surface: Black powder coated
Wire diameter: 0.8-2.5 mm
Max Width: 12 m
Max Height:  30.48 m
Width Tolerance: ± .5″ (± 13 mm)
Length Tolerance: ±  1″ (± 25 mm)

Metal Coil Drapery Series 2

Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Bright
Wire diameter: 0.8-2.5 mm
Max Width: 12 m
Max Height: 30.48 m
Width Tolerance: ± .5″ (±13 mm)
Length Tolerance: ±1″ (±25 mm)

Metal Coil Drapery Series 3

Material: Copper
Color: Golden
Wire diameter: 0.8-2.5 mm
Max Width: 12 m
Max Height:  30.48 m
Width Tolerance: ± .5″ (± 13 mm)
Length Tolerance: ±  1″ (± 25 mm)

Metal Coil Drapery Series 4
Metal Coil Drapery Series 5
Metal Coil Drapery Series 6
Metal Coil Drapery Series 7

Metal Coil Drapery Curtain Specification Detail

MaterialWire diameterApertureThicknessWeight
Carbon steel0.9mm6.3mm3/16″5.8mm4.0kg/㎡
Stainless steel1.0mm8.4mm1/4″6.7mm3.5㎏/㎡
Aluminium-magnesium alloy1.2mm8.5mm1/4″7.1mm2.0㎏/㎡
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  • Light diffusion and good ventilation.
  • UV resistant and flame resistant.
  • Beautiful appearance and various colors.
  • Versatility and decorative effects.
  • Aesthetic appeal and functionality.
  • Finishes are beautiful and resilient.
  • Color never fading and paint never dropping.
  • Gorgeous and high-end.
  • Durability and flexibility.

Coil drapery ideal indoor decorative mesh for your home and hotel

Coil drapery is a kind of light mesh with round woven spirals wire, a flexible fabric with small openings.

Material: Stainless steel coil mesh, bronze coil mesh, copper coil mesh, aluminum alloy coil mesh and brass coil mesh.

Color: Original metallic color, or spray chart into bronze, ebony black, purplish red, also be made scrubs, laser and other effects.

Dimensions: Width up to 6000mm (20′), and length can be set arbitrarily.

YESON provides a complete selection of accessories. Customer can choose straight or curvy curtain rail system on their request. It is easy to install the rail system. First, the rail should be fixed into the wall or the place the drapery will used for, then you can slide metal pulleys into the rail. At last stopping the rail ends up.
1.Straight rail system
The rail is manufactured with aluminum alloy and equipped with metal pulleys. Each pulley can bear 80kg weight.
2.curvy rail system
Equipped with metal pulleys, the rail is processed with aluminum alloy. Each pulley can sustain the weight of 80kg. It is flexible enough to shape.

Metal Coil Drapery Series 16
Complete Accessories
Metal Coil Drapery Series 15
Cascade Coil Drapery Installation Guide

Metal Coil Drapery Curtain Applications

Metal curtains and drapes are used for the indoor and outdoor decoration of airport, station, restaurant, hotel, high-end building, luxury office building, grand ballroom, business hall, opera house, and so on.
  • Window curtain.
  • Ceiling decoration.
  • Stairway railing.
  • Elevator decoration.
  • Space partition wall.
  • Corridor decoration.
  • Lighting decoration.
  • Fireplace curtain.
  • Shower curtain.
  • Architectural outdoor drapes.
  • Public architectonic art.
Metal Coil Drapery Series 8
Metal Coil Drapery Series 9
Metal Coil Drapery Series 11
Metal Coil Drapery Series 13

Metal Coil Drapery Curtain Manufacturer and Supply Factory

YESON is a decorative mesh supplier of versatile and economical expanded metal that is made from high-quality metal wire. Our decorative mesh is available in many sizes, openings, and material types.

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Welded Wire Mesh Panel Series 9
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