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Architectural Expanded Metal Mesh

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Expanded Metal Mesh Products By Materials

As a professional expanded metal mesh supplier, we supply all types of expanded mesh. Our expanded metal sheets are provided with a variety of materials, such as galvanized steel, aluminum, titanium, nickel, mild steel, stainless steel, copper and brass, etc.
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Expanded Metal Mesh Products
Expanded Metal Mesh Products 1
Expanded Metal Mesh Products 2
Stainless Steel
Expanded Metal Mesh Products 3
Brass Expanded Metal
Expanded Metal Mesh Products 4
Expanded Metal Mesh Products 5
Titanium Expanded Metal Mesh & Sheet
Expanded Metal Mesh Products 6
Other Material & Surface Treatment

Expanded Metal Mesh Products Types

Our expanded metal sheets are provided with a variety of types, such as Heavy Duty Expanded Metal Mesh, Micro Expanded Metal MeshRaised Expanded Metal Mesh, Flattened Expanded MetalMetal Diamond Mesh, etc.

Expanded Metal Mesh Products Types
Raised Expanded Metal Mesh
Expanded Metal Mesh Products Types 1
Heavy Duty Expanded Metal Mesh
Flattened Expanded Metal Sheet Mesh
Expanded Metal Mesh Products Types 3
Metal Diamond Mesh Sheets
Expanded Metal Mesh Products Types 4
Micro Expanded Metal Mesh & Sheet
Other Types

Expanded Metal Mesh Products Applications

The versatility, durability, and high safety of expanded metal sheets make it possible to meet the needs of various applications such as Facade, Cladding, Stairs, Fence, Ceiling, Partition, Etc. Contact us to know more about our products.

Expanded Metal Mesh Applications 1
Expanded Metal Mesh Applications 3
Expanded Metal Mesh Applications 4
Expanded Metal Mesh Applications 5

Real Expanded Metal Mesh Supplier

YESON is an expanded metal supplier of versatile and economical expanded metal that is made from a high-quality metal sheet. Our expanded metal mesh is available in many sizes, openings, and material types.

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Products Advantages

At YESON, you can expect agile service for wire solutions and mass production. Here are a few steps of production and delivery for your reference. Please note that the final duration depends on your specific requirements and quantities.

Perforated Metal Sheet Series
Top Grade Raw Material

The materials come from large steel plants such as Bao steel.

Smallest Tolerance of Size

With a sophisticated hydraulic cutting machine, it can cut sizes to customers' requirements strictly.

Expanded Metal Mesh Products 9
100% Pass Rate

The quality inspector conducts a 100% inspection of the product according to technical standards.

YESON Happy Clients

Since 1998, YESON has served clients in over 70 countries and regions. It’s growing business partnerships and also friendships with our clients. Contact our specialists for any wire mesh solution.

Why Choose YESON Expanded Metal Mesh ?

For 30+ years, we have provided high-quality on-demand expanded mesh manufacturing services to various fields around the world. You’ll only get the best products and services from us.

Perforated Metal Sheet Series 2

All Expanded Metal Manufacturing

With extended experience and production capacity, we can supply all your expanded mesh requirements.

Perforated Metal Sheet Series 4

Perforated Metal Solutions

We have developed several expanded mesh production lines. You can count on YESON for the fence system.

Welded Wire Mesh Roll Series 23

Specialists Proposal

If you’re not sure what specification is best for your requirement, just consult with our specialists. Our experts are ready to help you.

Welded Wire Mesh Roll Series 24

Logistics Support

You can also rely on our logistics support to deliver your perforated metal sheet. Let us know if you need this service and we’ll get you freight solution.

Expanded Metal Mesh FAQs

Welded Wire Mesh Panel Series 9
How to get a quote?

Through the online form or send an email to directly, and please describe your requirements in detail, then you will get our specialist’s reply within 6 hours.

There are many types of materials that can be made into expanded metal sheet. Aluminum expanded metal, carbon steel, galvanized steel, nickel, silver, copper, and stainless expanded metal sheets are available.

SWD stands for Short Way of the Diamond and LWD stands for Long Way of the Diamond. These acronyms are used when ordering expanded metal sheet.

As an expanded metal supplier, YESON offers an expansive inventory of expanded metal products, each with different pattern options, material types, and finishes. Therefore, it is best to call our sales department for pricing information. Our Direct Metals team members are experts in our expanded metal inventory and can provide you with product recommendations.

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