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YESON Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

YESON has been providing top-notch black silk cloth fabrication services for 30+ years. From design, prototyping, and black silk cloth folding to weaving, we are capable of doing everything.

High-Quality Stainless Steel Filter Mesh for Filtration and Separation

YESON is a professional filter vessel and filter wire mesh manufacturer in China. We strive to provide high-quality products to our customers worldwide. In addition to fine-finished filtration products, we also have semi-finished products for sale, like stainless steel filter mesh.

YESON stainless steel filter mesh, with different patterns, can be widely used for filtering in industries including chemical fiber spinning, short fiber processing, ultra-fine fiber production, leather manufacturing, non-woven fabric production, plastic extrusion (PVC, PE, PP, ABS, PS, etc.), masterbatch production, rubber processing, as well as in aerospace, petrochemical, mining, food, pharmaceuticals, machinery manufacturing, hydraulic systems, automotive, and new energy generation sectors.

YESON provides stainless steel filter mesh in standard and custom sizes, so it’s available for you to customize filter mesh in different sizes. The size and distribution of the holes are decided by selecting different wire diameters, aperture sizes, mesh layers, and weaving methods of the wire mesh.

Leave your specifications mentioned above for stainless steel filter mesh, our specialized engineering sales will contact you in 8 working hours. The specific filter mesh size chart is as follows, you can choose the optimal one according to your requirements.

Mesh / inchWire Dia.
Mesh / inchWire Dia.
Plain weave mat net 
Filter mesh numberMesh Count
(Warp x Weft)
Wire Diameter
(Warp x Weft)
Aperture Size
Weight per Square Meter
32#8 x 620.63mm x 0.45mm3005.42
40#10 x 790.50mm x 0.355mm2503.16
48#12 x 640.58mm x 0.40mm2802.9
55#14 x 880.40mm x 0.30mm1802.54
76#19 x 1400.315mm x 0.20mm1401.88
80#20 x 3000.35mm x 0.20mm3.6
95#24 x 1100.355mm x 0.25mm1202.45
100#25 x 1400.28mm x 0.20mm1001.95
120#30 x 1500.25mm x 0.18mm801.68
140#35 x 1750.224mm x 0.16mm711.52
160#40 x 2000.20mm x 0.14mm601.4
180#45 x 2500.16mm x 0.112mm561.09
200#50 x 2500.14mm x 0.11mm531.04
220#55.5 x 2800.14mm x 0.10mm500.92
240#65 x 3300.11mm x 0.08mm360.71
280#(1)70 x 3500.11mm x 0.08mm350.72
280#(2)70 x 3850.11mm x 0.07mm320.75
300#78 x 7000.11mm x 0.08mm301.39
315#(1)80 x 4000.10mm x 0.065mm400.62
315#(2)80 x 6000.10mm x 0.06mm
315#(3)80 x 8000.15mm x 0.04mm
320#81 x 7800.10mm x 0.07mm301.22
354#90 x 5500.12mm x 0.05
Twill Weave Mat Type Mesh
Filter mesh numberMesh Count
(Warp x Weft)
Wire Diameter
(Warp x Weft)
Aperture Size
Weight per Square Meter
360#91 x 7870.10mm x 0.07251.24
400#101 x 9000.10mm x 0.063201.22
472#120 x 4000.10mm x 0.075
500#127 x 11000.07mm x 0.05170.81
630#160 x 15000.063mm x 0.04150.62
650#(1)165 x 4000.071mm x 0.06
650#(2)165 x 6000.071mm x 0.05
650#(3)165 x 8000.071mm x 0.0525
650#(4)165 x 11000.071mm x 0.045
650#(5)165 x 14000.071mm x 0.04160.76
685#174 x 17000.063mm x 0.032130.61
787#(1)200 x 6000.071mm x 0.06
787#(2)200 x 8000.071mm x 0.06
787#(3)200 x 14000.071mm x 0.04120.8
795#202 x 17600.05mm x 0.032100.6
850#216 x 18600.045mm x 0.0309
1000#254 x 20000.04mm x 0.02880.5
1125#285 x 22350.036mm x 0.0257
1228#312 x 21000.035mm x 0.025
1250#318 x 22350.036mm x 0.025
1280#325 x 23000.035mm x 0.02550.45
1575#400 x 31000.035mm x 0.0193

YESON Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

Why Yeson Stainless Steel Filter Mesh

YESON has rich experience in designing and manufacturing in the field of industrial filtration. We have established a complete line of manufacturing and processing to provide professional stainless steel filter mesh for our customers all over the world.

YESON promises to be responsible to every customer from mesh design to operation instruction. All your filtration problems can be solved with the support of our seasoned specialists. Just send us your specifications, YESON will offer you a perfect solution.

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Series
Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Series 1

Your Reliable Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Supplier in China

YESON has focused on industry filtration and filter wire mesh for over 30 years. During these years, production and development, we have established a complete line of foreign trade. With qualified products and superior service, our products have been exported worldwide to America and Europe Areas and gained great reputation from local customers.

As one of the best stainless steel filter-mesh manufacturers and suppliers in China, Yeson is committed to providing products with optimal raw materials. Our most common types of stainless steel mesh used for filter include stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, 314, 430, and 904L.

YESON provides a variety of weave-type selections for stainless steel filter mesh. The common weaving types include plain weave, twill weave, oblong/broad weave, plain dutch weave, twill dutch weave, reverse dutch weave, 3-heddle weave, 5-heddle weave, and 3-heddle twill dutch weave.

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Series 9
YESON Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Woven Types

YESON Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Function

  • To remove unwanted particles and contaminants from various fluids
  • To replace traditional filter mesh under harsh environment
  • To complete the filtration process efficiently
  • To prevent other equipment in the system from being damaged by pollutants
  • To provide different types of stainless steel filter mesh to fit customer request

YESON Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Feature:

  • Strict quality control of stainless steel filter mesh passing ISO 9001 certification
  • Compact structure for long-term use
  • Enhanced mechanical strength with excellent durability
  • Applicable under highly corrosive and thermal condition
  • Unique designs for versatility in industrial fields
  • Wide range of filtration ratings to avoid any size of particles
  • Easy to clean and backwash
  • Available to be designed and manufactured in custom type
  • Aesthetic appeal for your application

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Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Fabrication for Different Industries

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Series 10
Powder Pneumatic Conveyor System

This versatile system is adept at swiftly transporting a variety of materials including coffee beans, powdered substances, and granulated sugar. Its pneumatic functionality ensures seamless conveying, making it an ideal choice for material transportation in diverse industrial settings.

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Series 11
Filtering of plastic and rubber granules

Our premium stainless steel mesh efficiently sieves rubber granules, effectively removing impurities and ensuring the production of high-quality rubber materials. Engineered for seamless integration into rubber processing lines, our mesh technology maximizes filtration efficiency, enhancing productivity and maintaining the desired quality standards of the final rubber products.

Stainless Steel Filter Mesh Series 12
Edible oil or beverages system

The application of mesh in filtering edible oil or beverages.

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