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On-demand hexagonal wire mesh manufacturing from China. You can expect all specifications, experienced specialists and more. Get a hexagonal wholesale price today.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series

Hexagonal Chicken Wire Mesh Wholesale

Hexagonal wire mesh, also known as chicken wire. YESON have extended capacity and easy to communucate specialists ensureing on-time shipment every time. Whether you need a sample order or wholesale quantities.

Choose Hexagonal Wire Mesh Specifications

YESON’s advanced production lines make it possible for your all barbed wire manufacturing and wholesale.
From different woven types, wire material, wire diameter, zinc coating, coil length and package.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 1
Galvanized Hexagonal Wire Mesh
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 2
PVC Coated Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Surface Treatment

Electro galvanized before weaving

Hot dipped galvanized before weaving

Hot dipped galvanized after weaving, PVC coated

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 3
Straight Twist
Reverse Twist

Different Twist Type

Straight twist

Reverse twist

Applications for Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Hexagonal mesh, also known as hexagonal wire mesh or chicken wire, finds numerous applications across various industries due to its unique properties.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 5
Erosion Control
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 6
Poultry Enclosures
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 7
Retaining Walls
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 8
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 9
Pet Enclosures
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 10
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 11
Compost Bins
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 12
Garden Fencing
Hexagonal Security Fence

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Sizes

YESON Happy Clients

Since 1998, YESON has served clients in over 70 countries and regions. It’s growing business partnerships and also friendships with our clients. Contact our specialists for any wire mesh solution.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 14
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 15
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 16
Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 17

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Manufacturing & Package

Shrink film + Label

Water-proof paper + Shrink film + Label

Water-proof paper + Shrink film + Label + Carton

Water-proof paper + Shrink film + Label + Pallet

Custom Packing

Estimated Time for Production & Delivery

Following are few steps of production and dlivery for your reference. Please note the final duration depends on your requirements and quantities.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 18

Step 1: Confirm specifications and requirements (6-12 hours)

As soon as we get your requirements, one of our specialists will get back to you with available specification and solutions. You can get all hexagonal wire mesh details within 12 hours and less.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 19

Step 2: Production plan and sample check (1-2 days)

In addition to check specifications through conversation and documents, you can also choose hexagonal wire mesh sample or online production verification. It only takes 1-2 days.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 20

Step 3: Mass production (10-15 days)

The production of hexagonal wire mesh will start right away when you place the order. With our full capacity production, normally all your wire products will be ready in 10-15 days.

Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 21

Step 4: Loading and shipment (2-10 days)

You can choose different hexagonal wire mesh package, such as waterproof paper, shrink film, carton and pallet. In addtion, YESON also provide custom label service for your wholesale. Based on your shipping schedule, we will arrange timely delivery to ports.

More Than A Hexagonal Wire Mesh Manufacturer

For 30 years, we have provided high-quality on-demand manufacturing services to various fields around the world. We have ISO certification and TUV on site factory verification.

Welded Wire Mesh Roll Series 21

All Wire Manufacturing

With extended experience and production capacity, we can supply all your galvanized wire requirements.

Welded Wire Mesh Roll Series 22

Wire Mesh Solutions

We have developed several wire mesh production lines with steel wire. You can source all wire mesh product at one stop.

Welded Wire Mesh Roll Series 23

Specialists Proposal

If you’re not sure what specification is best for your requirement, just consult with our specialists. Our experts are ready to help you.

Welded Wire Mesh Roll Series 24

Logistics Support

You can also rely on our logistics support to deliver your welded wire mesh. Let us know if you need this service and we’ll get you freight solution.


Hexagonal Wire Mesh Series 22
Can I have a sample to check first?

Yes, we do offer free samples or small trial orders for you to check. Just inform our specialists of the details, and they’ll assist you with it.

Yes, we have been in providing the professional products in fence field for 30 years.

Yes, as long as provide specifications, drawings can only do what you want products.

Usually within 15-20 days , customized order may need longer time.

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