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Metal Wrought Iron Fence Manufactures

Manufacturers and Exporters of Wrought Iron Components, Fencing, Railing, Gate Parts, Hardware & Accessories from China.

YESON Metal Wrought Iron Fence

Hebei Yeson International Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 1990 in Hebei Province, China. It is near Anping County, a famous wire mesh town in China.

As a leading wire mesh manufacturer in China, Yeson has successfully helped thousands of sellers worldwide to import from China with our excellent service and over 100 dedicated employees.

Why Buy Our Metal Wrought Iron Fence® ?

Our fences aren’t just built. Our fences are hand forged and made to last a lifetime. It’s our goal to provide you with superior products, service, satisfaction and of course destinction. Here are a few more reasons why our Wrought Iron Fence® is the right choice for your project:

Black Silk Cloth 24
Broad Size Selections
Black Silk Cloth 25
Customized Thickness
Black Silk Cloth 26
Wide Range of Designs and Styles
Black Silk Cloth 27
Fast Delivery on All Your Orders
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Affordable and Cost-Effective
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Certified and Quality Guaranteed

Your Reliable Wrought Iron Fence Supplier in China

Metal Wrought Iron Fence is a high-quality, low-maintenance fencing designed for homeowners. The pickets and rails are welded together to provide dependable strength and security and minimize installation time. After the welding process, there will be complex processing, such as electric galvanized, Alkaline Cleaned, Iron Phosphate, Drying Oven, polyester powder spray. It is well known in the world as beauty design and long-lasting beauty.

Metal Wrought Iron Fence 1
Rails SizeThicknessSurface TreatmentLength
25 x 25mm
30 x 30mm
Galvanized and
Electrostatic polyester powder coated
Picket SizeThicknessSurface TreatmentHeight
15 x 15mm0.8mm
Galvanized and
Electrostatic polyester powder coated

Post SizeThicknessSurface TreatmentLength
40 x 40mm
50 x 50mm
60 x 60mm
Galvanized and
Electrostatic polyester powder coated


Wrought Iron Fence Have Corrosion Resistance, Stable Structure, High Strength


Wrought iron fence, also known as ornamental steel fence, steel picket fence, welded picket fence, residential fencing, steel tubular fence, and steel pool fence, is a popular choice among developers due to its maintenance-free coating and durable steel construction. Many prefer ornamental steel fence over aluminum fencing for the additional strength that a welded steel fence offers compared to aluminum fences.

Panels and Posts:

The material used for wrought iron fence panels and posts is steel tube or galvanized steel tube, finished with hot-dipped galvanized or PVC powder-coated surface after welding. This ensures a long-lasting beauty and durability of the steel picket fence.

Wrought iron fence panels and posts provide the ultimate in strength and security, making them ideal for potentially hazardous environments. The maintenance-free E-Coat provides superior corrosion protection in virtually any climate and is backed by a 30-year warranty against corrosion.

Wrought Iron Fence Type
YESON Wrought Iron Fence Types

YESON Metal Wrought Iron Fence Installation Process

  • Site Preparation
    Ensure a smooth installation by preparing the site adequately. Clear the area, mark boundaries, and address any potential obstacles for a hassle-free process.
  • Post Installation
    Dive into the foundational aspect of installation—setting the posts. This step lays the groundwork for a sturdy and reliable steel fence.
  • Panel Installation
    Witness your fence take shape as panels are securely fitted between posts. Attention to detail during this stage ensures a seamless and visually appealing result.
  • Finishing Touches
    Add the finishing touches to your steel fence installation. This includes any additional features, coatings, or embellishments that enhance both form and function.

YESON Metal Wrought Iron Fence Feature:

  • Durability and Longevity
    Steel Fence / Wrought Iron Fence stand the test of time, offering unmatched durability and longevity. Invest in a fencing solution that not only withstands the elements but also adds enduring value to your property.
  • Low Maintenance
    Bid farewell to constant upkeep with low-maintenance steel fences. Enjoy the benefits of a robust barrier without the hassle of frequent repairs or refinishing.
  • Security and Safety
    Prioritize the safety of your loved ones with Steel Fence / Wrought Iron Fence, providing a secure enclosure that deters trespassers and enhances the overall security of your property.
  • Customization Options
    Tailor your fence to match your style with a plethora of customization options. From ornate designs to personalized colors, Steel Fence / Iron Fence offer a canvas for your unique vision.

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Wrought Iron Fence FAQ

What iron fence heights do you offer?

Our Classic style Stronghold Iron Fence panels are 8ft (96in) wide and available in:

  • 3ft (36in) Tall Fence Panel Height
  • 4ft (48in) Tall Fence Panel Height
  • 5ft (60in) Tall Fence Panel Height
  • 6ft (72in) Tall Fence Panel Height

Our Pool style Stronghold Iron Fence panels are 8ft (96in) wide and available in only a 50″ height to satisfy pool code.

We can also make custom heights for you. See the ‘Custom Designs’ section of the site for more details on custom fence heights.

We carry walk gates that match all of our Stronghold Iron Classic fence panel heights. The matching walk gates are available in a:

  • 4ft (48in) Single Gate Width*
  • 5ft (60in) Single Gate Width
  • 6ft (72in) Single Gate Width
  • 8ft (96in) Double Gate Width
  • 10ft (120in) Double Gate Width
  • 12ft (144in) Double Gate Width

Our Pool style of iron fence offers a more limited selection of gates sizes coming only in a 4ft wide single and 8ft wide double gate configuration.

We also carry a full array of hinge and latch options for all gates.  Ask your Iron Fence Shop salesperson for options that would best work for your application. 

* Classic style has an optional arched version of the 4ft wide walk gate in all heights

  1. Let Us Know What you Need
    We start the process by finding out what materials you would like to use via email or phone conversation.   We can get started with something as simple as an overall footage or get more detailed with a drawing of your layout emailed or faxed to us. 
  2. We Create an Accurate Quote For You
    We will take the information you provided and create an itemized quote.  By skipping the website shopping cart and having our knowledgeable sales team put together your quote, we avoid the risk of you ordering too much or too little for your project.  This method of quoting has allowed us to have a 99.99% accuracy rating on all orders shipped for the past 6 years!  We want to get it right the first time as much as you do!
  3. Place Your Order
    Once we’ve hammered out all the details of what you need, the last thing to do is convert your quote to an invoice and place the order. We accept all major credit cards, checks, check-over-phone and bank wire transfers. Time from order to shipment will depend on the product style you choose, but orders are typically delivered to your house in a week or less after they leave our warehouse.

Simply click any of the ‘Get Quote’ buttons on the screen above to send your project information to us. You can also contact us directly via email at or by phone at +86 13739785813.

Yes you can and roughly 90% of our customers do! It will also help cut your project cost roughly in half by not paying a fence contractor to do it. You will likely do a much better job as its your home and you can spread the project out whereas a fence contractor is looking to get your fence up as quickly as possible and move onto the next job. The majority of the photos in our Knowledge Center Photo Gallery are from DIY customers that installed it themselves.

Installation requires only basic hand tools as everything is modular. No welding is required to install our Stronghold Iron fence, but you can weld the panels to the posts if you choose to.

For more detailed install guidelines, visit the Installation page in our Knowledge Center.

Lead time varies depending on time of year, but it is usually 2-10 business days to be picked, packed and shipped from the warehouse.  Once an order leaves our warehouse, it’s typically a week or less for delivery depending on where you live.

It’s no coincidence that many historical and high-end properties have wrought iron fences.  The timeless beauty and strength of wrought iron makes it a winning choice on both fronts.  For strength, security and longevity, there is no better fence than iron.

In regards to strength, iron is going to take much more abuse than other fence materials before bending or breaking.  An iron fence will also outlast anything made of wood, vinyl or composite.

When we designed our Stronghold Iron product line, we tried to fill in the quality gaps left by our competitors.  Some examples of what sets us apart are:

Rust-Inhibition and Finish

  • Our Stronghold Iron stock is hot-dipped-galvanized.  This means that you have rust protection inside and out on our iron pieces whereas our competitors typically only primer the outside with a thin e-coat.
  • All constructed fence panels, posts and gates receive a 4-stage pre-treatment and wash to rid them of impurities before applying a polyester TGIC powder coat finish. Our TGIC powder coating has UV fade inhibitors as part of the formulation to keep your fence looking good for decades to come and not fading or ‘chalking’ after being up a few months.

Construction and Appearance

  • All of our fences and gates come with iron finial tips welded on standard. Our competitors charge extra for finials or have cheap pinch-tops.  We feel finials are essentially the most iconic element of an iron fence.  When you add on the optional cost of finial tips to our competitor’s fence, they actual cost much more than ours and give you lesser quality components!
  • Our finial tips are true cast-iron pieces that are welded to the fence or gate picket.  Our competitor’s optional finials are made of either thin aluminum or worse, plastic and pressed on whereas ours are welded on.
  • All our iron pieces feature a fully welded construction.  No screws or rivets holding it all together.
  • Our walk gates feature a fully boxed U-frame that is welded square to prevent the gate from ever sagging.  None of our competitors offer this standard.

We offer our Wrought Iron products in two grades to provide options on profile and strength within each style of fence.

Our Traditional grade of Wrought Iron is the smaller of both profiles with a ½” square,18ga picket and 4in tall finial tip on top.  Our Traditional grade profile more closely represents the fences made 100 years ago with its smaller features.  In terms of appearance, we recommend the Traditional grade when you want the fence to blend in as part of the landscaping and not be a main focal point.

Our Signature grade of Wrought Iron is the larger of both profiles with a ¾” square,16ga picket and 6in tall finial tip on top.  Our Signature grade is the more heavy-duty option as its larger profile and thicker components are stronger than its Traditional grade counterpart. A 4×8 Stronghold Iron fence panel in Traditional grade weighs about 45 lbs whereas its Signature grade counterpart weighs about 90 lbs.  In terms of appearance, we recommend the Signature grade when you want the fence to stand out as a main element in your landscape.   

This is largely a matter of preference and budget.  We typically recommend taking the following into consideration:

  • If the fence is going to be in a public setting such as a business, the heavier-duty Signature grade option would alleviate any concerns of damage from customer
  • If the fence is going to be in a front yard or corner lot with a nearby sidewalk where kids could run into or climb on the fence repeatedly, the heavier-duty Signature grade option would withstand more abuse
  • Aesthetically, Traditional Grade may be the more desired profile when you want the fence to blend in with the landscaping or not obstruct a view behind it
  • Aesthetically, Signature Grade may have a more desired profile when being installed around a larger residence or if the fence is going to be set far back from the residence.  It also sends a stronger security statement and stands out more as a focal point in your landscaping with its larger components
  • The heavier-duty Signature grade pieces cost roughly 50% more than their Traditional grade counterparts due to thicker and larger materials being used

There are no set rules on which to grade to go with.  Discuss where you will be installing the fence with your Iron Fence Shop Sales salesperson and they can help suggest which grade would work best for you.

Wrought Iron Fence Fabrication for Different Industries

Metal Wrought Iron Fence 9
Public places

(Park, zoo, railway station or bus station, lawn);

Metal Wrought Iron Fence 10
Private space

(courtyard, villa, companies, hotels, supermarkets)

Metal Wrought Iron Fence 11
Roads and traffic

Three dimensional fence is used for decoration or protection of various facilities such as industry, agriculture and transportation

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