Decorative Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain

The Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain is crafted from metal material, ensuring stability and solidity. It stands resilient against harsh environments such as storms and impacts, while also being easy to maintain. From a visual standpoint, the ring mesh curtain exhibits fabric-like characteristics, offering a visually pleasing aesthetic.

In contemporary times, the Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain, also known as chain mail curtain, has seen a significant rise in popularity in the realm of decoration. It has emerged as a versatile option for designers in both architecture and decoration fields. Moreover, it can be customized with various shiny metallic colors, making it suitable for a wide range of applications including building facades, room dividers, screens, ceilings, curtains, and more.

Decorative Ring Chainmail Curtain Styles

We can provide personalized solutions according to your needs and preferences.
Ring Materials
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 2
Stainless Steel
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 3
Bronze / Copper
Brass Wire
Interface of Ring
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 6
Non-welded Ring
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 7
Welded Ring
Colors & Styles
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 12
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 13
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 14
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 15
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 17
Rose gold
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 16
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 18
Natural Stainless Steel
Custom color

Ring Chainmail Curtain Application Case Display

More and more residences, offices, commercial places, shops, and hotels are becoming popular with chainmail curtain. Architects and designers make use of the creative potential of the transparent formative ring mesh for individual plans in perfect harmony with the imposed task. The multifunctional chainmail curtain is used for decoration, protection, and partitioning, including Internal and External Decoration, Divider or Background Decoration, Facades, Exhibition Design, Staircase Walls, Chainmail Fireplace Screen, Chainmail Shower Curtain, Chainmail Fly Screen, Door Curtain, Partition Curtain Wall, Security Areas, Shopfitting, Fence Fill Panel, Window Treatments, etc. Can be used in many private residential or commercial places, including restaurants, hotels, office buildings, cafes, theaters, shopping centers, exhibitions, homes, etc.
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 8
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 25
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 10
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 11
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 26

Ring Chainmail Curtain Specification Detail

Product name:Stainless steel ring mesh curtain, chainmail curtainMaterial:Stainless steel 304/316
Wire diameter:0.5 mm – 2 mm.Aperture size:3.8 mm – 24 mm.
Interface of ring:Welded or non-welded.Length & Height:Up to you.
Weight:5 kg/m2 – 7 kg/m2 (depending on aperture size, shape and material chosen).Surface treatment:anodic oxidation,color paint, polished.
Color: Silver, gold, copper or natural color. other colors are also available.
  • Material: carbon steel, low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, Other materials on requirements.
  • Wire diameter: 0.5mm – 2.0mm.
  • Ring diameter: 3.8mm – 24mm.
  • Width: up to 9.6m.
  • Length: up to 15m.
  • Surface: color paint, polished/ matt – waxed.
  • Color: golden, silver, copper.
    Other size can be customized by requirements.

1. Fireproof: Its melting point is far higher than that of cloth curtain.
2. Stable: No shrinks or stretches when used.
3. Mildew proof: It will be fine when used in humidity conditions.
4. Light diffusing: Light filtration is controlled by curtain fullness and light conditions.
5. No Maintenance: Stains can be washed off by mild soap water.
6. Mirror brightness effect, enhance indoor light.

Art & Function

Blend the sense of art and practicality, and bring your space fantastic visual effect and practical functionality.

Material & Color

We provide various metal materials and finish options to allow you to choose the material and style most suitable for your project.

Flexible Sizes

According to your space requirements, we can provide flexible sizes to ensure the decorative metal curtain can perfectly match with your space.

Unique Styles

Curtain edges can be made into special shapes to create a dynamic, smooth decorative effect.

Professional Installation

We provide professional installation support to ensure the metal curtain installation can be finished accurately and quickly.


Various detailed installation methods suit to different architectural environments to realize your architectural design dreams.

U Track & Spiral Wire
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 20
I Curved Track
Ring Mesh Chainmail Curtain Series 21
Round Rod & Angle Steel – Wall Mounting
Slide Track with Folding Mechanism
Edge Sewing & Curtain Rod

Ring Chainmail Curtain Manufacturer and Supply Factory

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Welded Wire Mesh Panel Series 9
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