Glass Laminated Mesh(Metal Mesh Laminated Glass)

Glass laminated mesh, also called safety wired glass or Wire mesh glass, is composed of glass and metal mesh materials. The metal mesh materials can be woven wire drapery, metal mesh curtains, decorative wire mesh, or other metal materials. It is formed through a special craft. When the glass is in a semi-molten state, machines will compress the glass and wire mesh through metal rollers, and then wire mesh laminated glass is formed. This translucent decorative creates a hazy beauty and meets your aesthetic needs. Most importantly, as the new standards of technology have become to ensure the security conditions of buildings, wired glass is produced to offer a safety guarantee for us.


  • Mesh Types: Expanded metal sheet, woven wire mesh, etc.
  • Material: stainless steel, copper, brass, phosphor bronze, polyethylene
  • Color: natural metal color, or various colors customized, such as blue, gold, etc.
  • Pattern: The pattern can be customized according to customer requirements, such as plant, landscape, figures, etc.

Decorative Glass Laminated Mesh Styles

We can provide personalized solutions according to your needs and preferences.
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 7
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 9
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 11
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 15
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 19
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 20
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 21
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 22
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Glass Laminated Mesh Series 23
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 26
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 29
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Glass Laminated Mesh Series 30
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 31
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 33
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 35
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 36
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 37

Laminated Glass Metal Mesh Application Case Display

Glass Laminated Mesh Series 1
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 4
Glass Laminated Mesh Series 6

Ring Chainmail Curtain Specification Detail

Inter-layer wire mesh material:stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminum alloy, etc.It can offer by client or we offer to fitting the request.
Glass type:common laminated glass, tempered laminated glass, coated laminated glass, low-e laminated glass, silkscreen laminated glass, bulletproof laminated glass, fireproof laminated glass, etc.
Whole thickness:3 + 0.38 + 3 mm, 3 + 0.76 + 3 mm, 4 + 0.38 + 4 mm, 4 + 0.76 + 4 mm, 5 + 0.38 + 5 mm, 5 + 0.76 + 5 mm, 6 + 0.38 + 6 mm, 6 + 0.76 + 6 mm, 8 + 0.76 + 8 mm, 10 + 0.76 + 10 mm, etc.
Popular sizes:( other can be customized)300 × 300 mm, 1220 × 1830 mm, 1500 × 2000 mm, 1530 × 2520 mm, 1830 × 2440 mm, 2000 × 2500 mm, 2140 × 3300 mm, 2250 × 3600 mm, 2800 × 7000 mm, 3000 × 8000 mm,

With many advantages, wire mesh glass can present various unexpected appearance in the home decoration.

Sound insulation. Wire mesh glass can block sound waves, keeping quiet and comfortable surroundings.

Safeguard.  Its unique function is to filter ultraviolet rays, protect people’s skin health, and maintain the color of valuable furniture or exhibits.

Easy to clean.  The door of the majority family’s door is made from ground glass, which can accumulate lampblack or dusty and hard to get clean. But wired glass can avoid this.

High safety.  If an existing large area of a glass partition in the home, it is absolutely a potential safety hazard for restless children. But wire mesh glass can make parents greatly relieved. If the wired glass is broken, the fragments and sharp pieces are still sticking together with the middle membrane.

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Glass Laminated Mesh Series
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