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Temporary Fence Series

Various temporary fence offers you perfect solution for event area fencing.

Temporary fence is made of high quality carbon steel. With PVC coated, powder coated, galvanized or painted surface, it has a good aesthetic effect and long service life. It can be divided into three types: Canada portable fence, Australia portable fence and crowd control barrier. Canada portable fence is welded temporary fence with square frame; Australia portable fence is another welded temporary fence with round frame; crowd control barrier has only round frame pipes without welded wire mesh. Because of the high strength and flexibility, temporary fence is widely used for construction fence, factory fence, residence fence and so on.

Temporary Fence Specification Detail

MaterialLow carbon steel.
Surface treatmentPVC coated, powder coated, galvanized, painted.
Common colorYellow, orange, green, blue, red.
Frame pipe shapeSquare or round.
  • High strength and safety.
  • Prevent theft and vandalism.
  • Easy and fast to install and uninstall.
  • Movable with detachable feet.
  • Light weight.
  • Good applicability even though on rugged ground.
  • Available to connect with other fences.
  • Various colors for choice.
  • Bright color with aesthetic effect.
  • Anti-harsh environments.
  • Anti-acid and alkali.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Durable and long service life.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Flexible to fit specific applications.

The clips and screws are hotdip galvanized and very strong and durable. lt is used to connect two pieces of mesh panels, which can make the fence form a whole, making the fence more strong.

Temporary Fence Series 2
Temporary Fence Series 3
Temporary Fence Series 4

The Brackets are hot-dip galvanized, can provide effective suppot for the temporany fence and enhance the sturdiness of the fence. The brackesupport can be placed on a concrete-filed base or a water-filed base so that the fence can withstand a large impact without ipping over.Temporary Fence Series 5

There are Three types of fence bases: plastic base, iron plate base and rubber base

Temporary Fence Series 7
Temporary Fence Series 8

We offer yarious stvles of lastic bases: those that can be filed with water, and those that can be filed with concrete. These bases provide excellent reinforcement of the temporary fence, making it more stable and sturdy.

Temporary Fence Series 10
Temporary Fence Series 11

More types of plastic fence bases for you to choose from:

Temporary Fence Series 12

are of simple construction and can be custom manufactured if other styles are available.Temporary Fence Series 1

Applications for Temporary Fence

  • Construction site fencing.
  • Factory fencing.
  • Residence fencing.
  • Commercial base fencing.
  • Quarantine area fencing.
  • Restricted area fencing.
  • Farm fencing.
  • Yard fencing.
  • Pool fencing.
  • Road fencing.
  • River fencing.
  • Plant fencing.
  • Car fencing.
  • Animal fencing.
  • Pedestrian fencing.
  • Path fencing.
  • Square fencing.
  • Sport fencing.
  • Police station fencing.
  • Event area fencing.
  • Stage fencing.
  • Entrance fencing.
  • Simulator and machine fencing.
  • Organization fencing.
  • Wedding fencing.
  • Park fencing.
  • Hill fencing.
Temporary Fence Series 13
Temporary Fence Series 14
Temporary Fence Series 15
Temporary Fence Series 16
Temporary Fence Series 17
Temporary Fence Series 19
Temporary Fence Series 20

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