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PVC Coated 358 Security Fence

  • Product Name: 358 Security Fence
  • Panel Height: 2100mm-3000mm Or Customizable
  • Fence Height: 2134mm-2997mm Or Customizable
  • Panel Width: 2515mm Or Customizable
  • Surface Treatment: Galvanized+PVC Coated
  • Material: Mild Steel Wire
  • Welding Type: Galvanized Before(after) Welding
  • Place of Origin: Anping, Hebei, China.
  • Services: We can provide samples, inform customers of the progress by taking photos and recording videos during production to reassure customers, and update customers on market trends from time to time.

358 Security fence, also known as high-security fence, anti-climb fence safety fence, prison mesh fence, it is a high-strength, high-density welded wire mesh structure. 358 Security fence is a professional structure designed for high-security environments, combined with an steel framework, coated with heavy zinc or RAL color powder coating.

358 Security fence is the ultimate heavy duty welded mesh panel providing the highest degree of security with excellent see through visibility. It has toe and finger proof profile. With spacing specification of 75mm x 12.5mm, it is impossible for fingers and toes to go through. Our anti-climb fence is perfect as a guarded fence system because of its exclusive thickness, anti-cutting materials and its strong resistant framework.

Product Show


Panel height




Fence height




Panel width




Hole size




Horizontal wire




Vertical wire




Panel weight








Post length




Clamp bar

40×6m slotted

40×6m slotted

40×6m slotted


8 gal bolt c/w permanent security nut

No. of fixings




Customization  accepted

Type of safety fence:

Razor ribbon, razor tape, and razor coils with barbed wire and other deterrents are additional choices that can be added on to a perimeter security system, creating an intimidation factor with any would-be trespasser. For high security systems, many fence professionals also recommend utilizing additional fencing and interior partitioning products.

Welded security fence technology:

  1. This fence adopt consistently being updated, and makes security tighter than ever. Various security systems can use laser, infrared, microwave, or video technologies to scan, detect, and issue alerts upon intrusion.
  2. Vibration systems are also being mounted on perimeter fences, sending alerts when there is vibration, cutting, or climbing of the fence. 
  3. While it makes sense to think of keeping intruders out while designing a security system, it’s also just as important to think about how to let qualified people inside.
  4. Access control systems can be as high-tech or low-tech as chosen. New bar-code readers and decal systems are proximity readers that can identify vehicles moving as fast as 25 miles per hour, scanning decals up to six feet away.

The fence benefits:

With access control technology widely switching to hands-free technology, the new systems are replacing former slot card readers or radio controlled “clickers,” both of which can become jammed. Slot card readers are also easily vandalized.

Carefully planning and designing a security plan can keep your property safe.

Product Packaging:

  • For Panel: In steel or wooden pallet and then wrapped with carboard plate and plastic film.
  • For accessores: With carton box


  • Bridge anti-climb guarding & guard safety screening.
  • Psychiatric hospital security fencing.
  • Prison security fencing.
  • Factory machine guards.
  • Walkway security fencing.
  • Airport security fencing.
  • Shipping Port Security fencing.
  • Electrical sub-station fencing.
  • Gas pipelines security fence.
  • High security living area and private field fence.

358 Security Fence Manufacturer

Over the last 30 years, we have been committed to providing you with high-quality wire and mesh products. We offer different colors and designs of  358 security fence to choose from. Besides, we also have affordable galvanized woven wire mesh and welded mesh in different shapes and sizes. Below is what we can offer to our clients.

The raw materials used for the 358 security fence and mesh produced by Anping Yeson are all in line with the industry standards. Meanwhile, our factory has a strict quality control system. Our workers will randomly inspect the screens as required to ensure that they are acceptable before delivery. In addition, we also accept third-party testing to give you more peace of mind.

If you are worried about your budget, choose YESON. Since we have our factory, we can offer factory sales prices for bulk orders. We will do our best to give our customers the best purchase at the lowest cost.

As a professional manufacturer of 358 security fence, we will provide you with perfect services. You can propose your needs to us and we have professional staff to make feasible solutions for you. When you choose us, you will choose reliable pre-sales and after-sales services.

Anping Yeson’s factory is located in Hebei Province of China. We have over 12,000 square meters of warehouses and state-of-the-art mesh product lines. Welcome to come to visit us on site. Also, it is available to check our factory by video chat. If you are interested, please contact us here to make an appointment.

Hello,we are YESON,Professional Wire Mesh Fence Manufacturer.
We have been doing wire mesh fence for more than 30 years,We have been absorbed in high quality wire mesh production from the beginning.
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