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Galvanized Veldspan Field Game Fence Wire Roll

  • Product Name: Cattle fence, Veldspan fence, Farm field fence, Game fence
  • Size: Customizable
  • Mesh Length: 50m
  • Mesh Width: 1.2m
  • Hole Width: 150mm
  • Wire Diameter: 2.5/2.0mm
  • Material: Mild Steel Wire
  • Place of Origin: Anping, Hebei, China.
  • Services:  We can provide samples, and inform customers of the progress by taking photos and recording videos during production to reassure customers and update customers on market trends from time to time.

Product Description

Transform your agricultural and livestock operations with the unmatched reliability and durability of Veldspan Field Game Fence. Designed to meet the unique challenges of rural environments, this fencing solution offers unparalleled security and protection for your valuable crops and livestock.

Crafted from premium materials and engineered with precision, Veldspan Field Game Fence stands as a robust barrier against external threats such as wildlife and trespassers. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, even in the harshest of weather conditions, providing peace of mind for farmers and ranchers.

With Veldspan Field Game Fence, you can rest assured that your agricultural investments are safeguarded. Whether you’re enclosing fields, pastureland, or livestock enclosures, this fencing system offers a versatile and effective solution for maintaining control over your property.

Experience the difference that Veldspan Field Game Fence can make in enhancing the security and productivity of your agricultural and livestock operations. Trust in a fencing solution that’s built to withstand the rigors of rural life, ensuring the safety and well-being of your assets for years to come.

Note: Whether in color or size, YESON offers customization services. Besides, if you have any requirements on packaging, we will try our best to meet them. Please send us your real requirements and get the best quotation.

Product Show

Product Specifications

Cattle fence specifications
Mesh sizesG. W.(kg)Wire Diameter(mm)
Other sizes available on request

Product Details

Veldspan Field Game Fence 8
Veldspan Field Game Fence 9

Product Parameters

Veldspan Field Game Fence 5

Product Knotted Way

Veldspan Field Game Fence 7

Features & Benefits

Key Features of Veldspan Field Game Fence for Agricultural and Livestock Use:

  1. Durable Construction: Engineered with high-quality materials, Veldspan Field Game Fence is built to withstand the demands of agricultural and livestock environments, providing long-lasting protection for your assets.

  2. Robust Security: With its sturdy design, this fencing solution serves as a reliable barrier against wildlife intrusion, trespassing, and other external threats, ensuring the safety and security of your crops and livestock.

  3. Versatile Application: Whether you’re enclosing fields, pastureland, or livestock enclosures, Veldspan Field Game Fence offers versatile solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of your agricultural operations.

  4. Weather Resistance: Designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, including wind, rain, and snow, this fencing system maintains its integrity and performance year-round, providing consistent protection for your property.

  5. Easy Installation: Veldspan Field Game Fence features a user-friendly design that allows for quick and efficient installation, saving you time and labor costs while ensuring a secure enclosure for your agricultural assets.

  6. Enhanced Visibility: The innovative design of Veldspan Field Game Fence offers optimal visibility, allowing farmers and ranchers to monitor their fields and livestock with ease while maintaining a clear line of sight.

  7. Professional Appearance: With its sleek and professional appearance, Veldspan Field Game Fence enhances the overall aesthetics of your agricultural property, creating a polished and well-maintained environment.

Tool components

Fixed Knot Field Fence 16
Fence Posts
Fixed Knot Field Fence 17
Twister Tool
Fixed Knot Field Fence 18
Veldspan Field Game Fence 10

Product Application

Veldspan Field Game Fence 12
Veldspan Field Game Fence 14

Packaging & Shipping

  1. In Nude: This is the most popular packing method, allowing for larger quantities to be loaded, resulting in a lower unit price.
  2. Plastic Film: Provides uniform coverage and excellent integration, ensuring the protection of the goods during transportation.
  3. Wooden Pallet: Offers convenience by saving time and effort, and facilitates loading and unloading processes efficiently.
Veldspan Field Game Fence 16
Veldspan Field Game Fence 17

Supplier Profile:

Hello, we are YESON, a professional wire mesh fence manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to producing high-quality wire mesh products.

Our main product range includes:

  • 358 Anti-Climb Fence
  • Temporary fence
  • Chain link fence
  • BRC fence
  • Wrought iron fence
  • Crowd control barrier
  • Razor wire
  • Fence accessories

Additionally, we offer:

  • Gabion mesh
  • Defensive barrier
  • Hexagonal mesh
  • Welded mesh
  • Window screens
  • Crimped wire mesh
  • Plastic netting
  • Geogrid
  • Wire mesh container

We have established strong business relationships in both domestic and international markets, exporting to regions such as Hong Kong, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Our commitment to high-quality products, timely delivery, competitive prices, and excellent service sets us apart in the industry.

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