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Stainless Steel Net Filter Mesh

  • Product Name: Stainless Steel Net Filter Mesh
  • Size: Customizable
  • Mesh: 1-3200mesh
  • Width: 1-1.5m
  • Length: 30m per roll
  • Wire Diameter: 0.03mm-0.3mm
  • Aperture: 0.01mm-0.27mm
  • Material: Stainless Steel Wire
  • Place of Origin: Anping, Hebei, China.
  • Services: We can provide samples, inform customers of the progress by taking photos and recording videos during production to reassure customers, and update customers on market trends from time to time.

Stainless steel net filter mesh is mainly used for screening and filtration under acid and alkali environmental conditions. It is used in the petroleum industry as a mud mesh, chemical chemical fiber industry as a sieve filter, electroplating industry as a pickling net, gas, liquid filtration and other media separation. Generally, stainless steel wire, nickel wire and brass wire are used as materials.

Note: Whether in color or size, Anping YESON offers customization services. Besides, if you have any requirements for packaging, we will try our best to meet them. Please send us your real requirements and get the products to your satisfaction.

Product Show

Stainless Steel Net Filter Mesh
materialstainelss steel 304 316 316L 430 310S 904 904L 2205 2507
wire diameter0.018-2.03mm
weaving type Plain weave ,twill weave ,dutch weave ,reversed dutch weave ,crimped weave.
mesh counts Plain weave can be woven up to 400 mesh.
Twill weave can be woven from 400 to 635mesh.
Dutch weave  can be woven up to 3200mesh
technique woven wire mesh
mesh rolls size 1x30m 2x30m 1.524x30m 0.914x30m etc.
hole shapesquare
featuremagnetic,acid resistance,alkali resistance,temperature resistance
Packaging details :Inner kraft ,outside plastic film ,put into wooden pallet or case .
Other sizes can be made as request

Weaving Method

Weave Stainless Steel Net Filter Mesh Weaving method

Plain weave: The most popular a kind of preparation method industrial production and civil life is widely used.

Twill weave : Mainly in the 150 mesh to 600 purpose of Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh 0.3mm weaving use.

Dutch weave : In this method the Galvanized Steel Wire Mesh 0.3mm weaving has good tensile strength,mainly used for liquid and slurry filter.

Mesh Number Display

Mesh Number Display

Product Features

Stainless Steel Net Filter Mesh Features

Product Process

Stainless Steel Net Filter Mesh Product Process

Product Application

  • Architecture: Wire mesh is used in ceilings, walls, and home foundations.
  • Horticulture/agriculture: Stainless steel mesh can create barriers on farms in order to shelter animals at night from potential threats.
  • Oil and Gas: Welded stainless steel wire mesh is often key to the refining process, helping filter impurities from crude oils.
  • Solar: Wire mesh protects solar panels from birds and pests.
  • YESON also offers laser-cutting services to accurately, efficiently, and economically create custom sizes.

Product Package

Stainless Steel Net Filter Mesh Package

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