Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Mesh Sand Wall Gabion Barrier

  • Product Name:  Welded Gabion Box, Sand Cage, Defence Bastion, Defensive Barrier Wall, Defensive Bag, Flood Barrier
  • Size: Customizable
  • Wire Diameter: 3.7mm-4.0mm
  • Zinc Coating: 200g/m2
  • Hole Size: 75x75mm
  • Gabion Size: 1x1x1x5 pcs, 1×0.75×0.75×10 pcs
  • Geotextile: 300g/m2
  • Place of Origin: Anping, Hebei, China.
  • Services: We can provide samples, inform customers of the progress by taking photos and recording videos during production to reassure customers, and update customers on market trends from time to time.

Product Description

Our Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Mesh Sand Wall Gabion Barrier is a robust and versatile solution designed for various applications, particularly in demanding environments like construction sites and desert areas. Crafted with high-quality materials and subjected to a hot-dipped galvanization process, these barriers offer exceptional durability and corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term performance even in harsh conditions.

With welded mesh construction, these barriers provide structural stability and integrity, capable of withstanding impacts and pressures effectively. The design allows for easy installation and deployment, making them ideal for rapid deployment scenarios. Additionally, the gabion structure facilitates efficient drainage and erosion control, making them suitable for use in retaining walls, flood protection, and soil stabilization projects.

Whether used for perimeter security, environmental protection, or infrastructure development, our Hot Dipped Galvanized Welded Mesh Sand Wall Gabion Barriers deliver reliable performance and peace of mind, offering a cost-effective and sustainable solution for various applications.

Note: Whether in color or size, Anping YESON offers customization services. Besides, if you have any requirements for packaging, we will try our best to meet them. Please send us your real requirements and get the products to your satisfaction.

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Product Specification

Specification Of Defensive Barriers
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Available Colors

Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 7
Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 8
Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 9

Product Details

Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 10

Drawing Of Defensive Barriers

Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 11

Features & Benefits

  • Durability: Utilizing hot-dipped galvanized technology, ensuring exceptional corrosion and weather resistance for long-term use.
  • Structural Stability: Welded mesh construction provides robustness and reliability, capable of withstanding high external impacts.
  • Protective Performance: Serving as a sand wall gabion barrier, effectively preventing natural disasters like landslides and mudslides, safeguarding surrounding environments and structures.
  • Easy Installation: Simple design and convenient installation, saving construction time and labor costs.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various scenarios, including roads, railways, riverbanks, and slopes requiring protection.

Product Application

It is primarily used in the following areas:

  1. Slope protection along roads and railways;
  2. Protection and reinforcement of riverbanks, channels, and embankments;
  3. Protection and stabilization of slopes and land;
  4. Areas such as mines, quarries, and construction sites requiring slope protection;
  5. Regions prone to erosion such as deserts and coastal areas.
Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 12
Areas such as mines, quarries, and construction sites requiring slope protection;
Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 13
Slope protection along roads and railways;
Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 14
Protection and reinforcement of riverbanks, channels, and embankments;
Regions prone to erosion such as deserts and coastal areas.

Package & Delivery

1, Moisture resistance paper.
2, Stretch plastic film.
3, Shrink plastic film.
4, In bulk or on pallets or in wooden box.

Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 16
Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 17

We will look for a professional transportation agent to deliver the products, so we are capable of delivering products to most ports all over the world.

Sand Wall Gabion Barrier 18

Supplier Profile:

Hello, we are YESON, a professional wire mesh fence manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Since our inception, we have been dedicated to producing high-quality wire mesh products.

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Additionally, we offer:

  • Gabion mesh
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We have established strong business relationships in both domestic and international markets, exporting to regions such as Hong Kong, Europe, the United States, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Our commitment to high-quality products, timely delivery, competitive prices, and excellent service sets us apart in the industry.

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