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How do you install a chain link fence without digging [Guide 2023]

install a chain link fence without digging

Installing a chain link fence without digging involves a few alternative methods to traditional post-hole digging. Here are some techniques you can consider:

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Surface-Mounted Posts:

Surface-Mounted Anchors: Utilize surface-mounted post anchors or sleeves that can be attached to concrete, asphalt, or a sturdy base. These anchors are typically secured with bolts or screws.
Ground Spikes: Drive metal ground spikes or anchors into the ground using a sledgehammer. These spikes can offer stability for the fence posts without the need for digging.

Cementing Posts Above Ground:

Concrete Piers or Blocks: Use concrete piers or blocks placed on the ground surface to support the fence posts. Posts can be attached to these stable structures.
Concrete Footing: Pour a concrete footing directly on the ground and set the fence posts in the wet concrete. This offers stability without the need for digging deep holes.

Other Considerations:

Consider Chain Link Fence Height: For shorter fences, some methods might suffice, but taller fences might require more stability for the posts.
Local Regulations: Ensure compliance with local building codes and regulations before installing the fence.

Important Note:

While these methods can help in avoiding digging, they might have limitations in terms of stability and durability compared to the traditional method of setting posts in deeply dug holes with concrete. Make sure to assess the ground conditions, the fence’s intended purpose, and the local climate before choosing an installation method. Consulting a professional or someone experienced in chain link fence installation can also be beneficial in determining the best approach for your specific situation.

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