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Protecting River Banks and Embankments: The Professional Solution with Double Twisted Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Double Twisted Hexagonal Wire Mesh

Protecting riverbanks and levees is vital to the environment and the stability of communities. In this regard, our product — double-twisted hexagonal wire mesh, due to its unique design and excellent performance, makes it an ideal choice for protecting river banks and embankments.Double Twisted Hexagonal Wire Mesh 1

Challenges and needs

Protecting riverbanks and levees faces significant challenges from water flow, erosion, and weather changes. These challenges require a protective system that is durable, robust, and adaptable.

Professional solutions

Double-twisted hexagonal wire mesh is known for its sturdy structure and double helix design. This not only provides extremely high erosion resistance but also performs extremely well when protecting river banks and embankments. Its high degree of adjustability makes it suitable for different terrains and engineering requirements.

Corrosion resistance and durability

In the harsh environment of riverbanks and embankments, corrosion resistance is critical. Our double-twisted hexagonal wire mesh is electroplated and galvanized to ensure excellent durability and long life, maintaining efficient performance even in wet environments.


Whether it is a gentle river bank or an uneven embankment structure, its flexible design allows it to easily adapt to various terrains. The double-twisted hexagonal wire mesh shows strong adaptability and ensures comprehensive protective coverage.

Environmental friendly

We understand the importance of protecting the environment, so our double-twisted hexagonal wire mesh is made from recyclable materials to reduce environmental impact. The sustainable and eco-friendly nature makes it an eco-friendly choice.

80x100mm galvanized double twisted 2x1x1m hexagonal gabion wire mesh price

– All gabion basket are manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 10223-3:2013.
– All wire is in accordance with BS EN 10218-2:2012 and BS EN 10223-3:2013
– with an ultimate tensile strength of between 350 to 500N/mm².

GalvanizedPVC CoatedGalfan

                    Galvanized                                    PVC Coated                                          Galfan

Our double-twisted hexagonal wire mesh provides a professional and reliable solution when it comes to protecting river banks and embankments. Through their superior performance, adaptability, and environmentally friendly design, we help communities and environments stay strong and stable in the face of challenges. Choose professionalism, choose trustworthiness, and choose double-twisted hexagonal wire mesh to bring comprehensive protection to river banks and dams.

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