Where is the electric welded gabion cage structure used?

Jul. 15, 2021

Electric welded gabion cages can be used for side slope support, foundation pit support, shotcrete hanging on mountain rock surface, side slope vegetation (greening), railway and highway isolation fences, and plastic coated gabion nets can also be made into cages, Mesh mat, used for anti-scouring protection of rivers, dams and seawalls, as well as net cages for the closure of reservoirs and rivers.

1. Control and guide rivers and floods. The most serious disaster of rivers is the destruction of river banks by water, which causes flooding, resulting in massive losses of lives and properties and a large amount of soil erosion. Therefore, when dealing with the above-mentioned problems, the application of electric welded gabion cages has become one of the best solutions. Plastic-coated gabion nets can permanently protect the river bed and river bank.

 electric welded gabion cage

2. Channel The construction of the canal bed channel involves the stability of the slope and the river bed. Therefore, the selection of grid structure is the main method used in many natural river reconstruction and artificial channel excavation in the past century. Galvanized gabion wire welded gabion cage hexagonal plastic coated gabion net can effectively and permanently protect the river bank or river bed. It also has the function of controlling water flow and preventing water loss, especially in environmental protection and water quality maintenance. On top, it has an excellent effect.  

3. The application of electric-welded gabion cages and river bank protection and slope foot protection are very successful examples. Electric-welded gabion cages make full use of the advantages of plastic-coated gabion nets and achieve ideal effects that other methods cannot achieve.