The use of welded wire mesh in agriculture

Jun. 15, 2021

Welded wire meshes are widely used. Welded wire meshes are not only used in industry, construction, transportation, mining and other industries. Welded wire meshes are also widely used in agriculture. At the same time, the development of agriculture is also inseparable from the application of welded wire meshes. So what are the applications of welded wire mesh in agriculture?

With the development of agriculture, the economic conditions of today's rural areas have also improved. When entering the countryside, there are wide oil-surface roads everywhere. On both sides of the road are crops or orchards planted by farmers’friends. These crops and orchards are used Welded wire mesh is used as a fence for protection. The application of welded wire mesh protects crops and orchards while also making the surrounding environment more coordinated. The application of welded wire mesh not only reduces the investment cost, but also beautifies the surrounding environment.

welded wire mesh

Many farmers in rural areas also use welded wire mesh as breeding cages or isolation nets. At the same time, there are many types of welded wire meshes as breeding nets, and they are economical.

Now with the continuous development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of farmers’ awareness, more and more farmers are choosing to use welded wire meshes as grain storage nets. This is what we often call granary welded wire meshes. Using granary welded wire meshes to store food should The granary welded wire mesh has very good heat dissipation properties, which can make the grain dry quickly under normal temperature conditions and is easy to store. At the same time, the grain stored with the granary welded wire mesh is not only bright in color but also of very good quality, so the granary welded wire mesh is used as a food storage network for farmers' friends. It is the most ideal storage tool.

welded wire mesh

In the construction industry, in order to make the wall stronger and the plaster on the wall to be more firmly absorbed on the wall, a layer of wire woven mesh is often hung on the wall during the construction of the wall. Products, woven wire mesh, also known as wire mesh, has been favored by the construction industry in the wall reinforcement plastering work in the construction industry. Since there are so many types of wire mesh, what kind of wire mesh is used for the wall? What about reinforcement plastering work? After careful consideration of Welded Wire Mesh, there are nothing more than three types of wire meshes used in wall reinforcement plastering: crimped wire mesh, expanded metal mesh, and welded wire mesh. Let's talk about the three types of wire mesh used in building walls. The advantages and disadvantages of reinforcement work.

Next, let's talk about welded wire mesh. Welded wire mesh is undoubtedly the most widely used wire mesh product for wall reinforcement, but in general, the welded wire mesh used for wall reinforcement is not galvanized iron wire, and its thickness is generally about 1 mm. If the wire diameter is not satisfied, you can also directly communicate and negotiate with Welded Wire Mesh, but because it is not made of galvanized wire, it has some shortcomings in anti-corrosion. If it is galvanized welded wire mesh, the price will be more expensive.