The importance of laying stadium fence

Apr. 27, 2021

The stadium fence has beautiful materials and guaranteed quality. Most of them use PE wound steel wire mesh as the basketball court fence. It can save the cost of repainting general wires every year. Its service life is 3-5 years longer than ordinary steel wire mesh. The mesh size is 45mm×45mm, which is guaranteed not to get stuck or play tennis.

The pillar of the stadium fence refers to the connecting part, which is used to fix the shell in the structure. The tennis court guardrail consists of two parts, a structure composed of steel pipes, and the main part of the net, which is composed of a plastic shell. The connection between these two parts depends on the steel bar, because the plastic shell is soft. The net cannot be fastened without a hard support, so steel is very suitable.

stadium fence

The advantages of stadium fence are: bright colors, aging resistance, corrosion resistance, complete standards, lubricating mesh surface, strong tension, and easy to be affected by external forces. On-site construction device, the product is flexible, and the shape and size can be adjusted at any time according to site requirements.

Height of stadium guardrail: Mainly used for exterior guardrail of stadium and sports field. The heights of the fences on both sides of the tennis court are 4 meters and 4 meters respectively. If the place is close to a residential area or road, its height exceeds 4 meters. In addition, in order to let the spectators see the game on the side of the tennis court, a H=0.80 meter can be set up, and the height of the fence of the roof tennis court exceeds 6 meters.

The importance of chain link stadium fence in use. With the continuous development and development of the social economy, the development of my country's sports industry is appropriate and good. In most cities in my country, there are large and small stadiums, and one feature is the installation of stadiums.