Steel grid sheet fixing method

Jan. 17, 2020

Metal grid panel fixing method: two methods of welding and installation clip fastening can be selected.

Welding has the advantage of being permanently fixed and will not come loose; the advantages of the mounting clip are that it does not damage the hot-dip zinc layer and is easy to remove. The safest method is to directly weld the screw heads to the beam without using the lower clamp to ensure that the metal grid sheet will not slide off the beam due to the loosening of the mounting clamp. If the steel bar grating is exposed to the air for a long time or under water without effective protection, the surface will rust. Especially due to the change of water level, the steel grid is often in an environment of alternating wet and dry conditions. There are various chemical media in the air or water, which is more likely to produce electrochemical effects. At the same time, water acts as a corrosive medium. As the flow rate increases, the temperature increases and the corrosion rate becomes faster. Therefore, the working environment in which the grille is located determines that its rust is more serious. The damage caused by metal corrosion causes the component material itself to be damaged in its shape, color and performance, which affects normal use.

Steel grid sheet

The anti-skid layer of the steel grid sheet is adhered to the surface of the metal plate of the steel grid by a primer layer, and the anti-slip layer is a sand layer. Sand is a widely available material. Using sand as a non-slip material can greatly reduce production costs. At the same time, the anti-slip layer is a large amount of sand coated on the surface of a metal plate to improve surface roughness. Achieve anti-slip function, so its anti-slip effect is good. The sand layer is made of 60 to 120 mesh quartz sand. Quartz sand is a hard, wear-resistant and chemically stable silicate mineral, which can greatly improve the anti-skid effect of steel gratings. Quartz sand in this particle size range has the best anti-slip effect, and it is more comfortable to step on. The particle size of quartz sand is more uniform, which can improve the aesthetics of the surface of the steel grating.