Manufacturing process of wrought iron fence

May. 17, 2021

Wrought iron fence is made of zinc alloy balcony guardrail. Because of its high strength, high hardness, beautiful appearance and bright color, it has become the mainstream product used in residential areas. Traditional zinc-steel guardrails use iron rods and aluminum alloy materials, which require electric welding and other technology. They are soft in texture, easy to rust, and have a single color. wrought iron fences perfectly changed the shortcomings of traditional guardrails, and the price is moderate, becoming a substitute for traditional balcony guardrail materials.

Features of black metal fence panels:

1. Made of zinc alloy, not easy to rust.

2. It adopts advanced pipeline high-temperature baking paint technology. The surface of the paint film has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, weather resistance, rain resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to peeling, and partial wall pollution.

3. Simple assembly, after years of market development, innovation and reform, its products have a certain degree of maturity.

The combination of zinc alloy and high-tech paint is a testament to the new concept of green and environmental protection.

wrought iron fence

How to check the wrought iron fence after installation

Many black metal fence panels are designed without considering the future packaging of balcony guardrails. There is no place for sashes to be left on the top of the balcony and fence. Therefore, improperly installed balcony guardrails are prone to accidents. Therefore, if you decide to To seal the balcony with wrought iron fence, in addition to some precautions that need to be paid attention to, this acceptance standard is also required:

1. Small cross-section and thin-walled zinc steel materials cannot be used as wrought iron fences. Some construction teams cut corners and replaced regular zinc steel fence profiles with clarinets, which would greatly reduce the bearing capacity of the zinc steel fence. If it encounters a strong impact, it will be twisted, deformed, or even fall off.

2. The strength of the wrought iron fence must meet the standard, and the standard wrought iron fence profile material cannot be replaced by abusive materials.

3. The design of the black iron fence should be reasonable, and the wrought iron fence should not be divided into different grids for the sake of saving materials. The span of the wrought iron fence post spacing is generally not more than 1200mm, and the height of the wrought iron fence is generally not less than 1200mm.

4. The fixing must be firm. The wrought iron fence must be fixed on the water wall of the balcony, and the wrought iron fence must be fixed in the concrete with expansion screws.