How to use stainless steel filter screen correctly

Feb. 20, 2021

In today's rapid industrial development, it is also inseparable from the help of our stainless steel filter. Therefore, today we will also introduce some methods of using stainless steel filter screen and its characteristics.

1) In order to ensure that the equipment can exert the best effect, it should be used in a ventilated and dry environment.

2) Before use, check whether the water inlet pipe and drain pipe of the equipment are in good contact. If there is leakage, it is very likely to cause damage to the equipment.

3) Before installing the equipment, check the condition of the motor, and be sure to use a fuse with the correct capacity.

4) Regarding the maintenance of the stainless steel filter screen, it needs to be planned according to the actual operating conditions and customer requirements.

stainless steel filter screen

5) The use environment must not contain corrosive substances.

6) In order to ensure that the equipment can exert normal efficiency, it must be used under suitable temperature and humidity.

7) If it is used in areas where the air is relatively turbid, you can consider adding a layer of filter to it.

8) If there is any problem during use, please contact professional maintenance personnel for repair in time, and do not disassemble it without authorization.

9) Do not disassemble the parts randomly during use, and cut off the power supply in time if repairs are needed to avoid unnecessary injuries.

The above are the points that should be paid attention to for the stainless steel filter.