How to prevent the stadium fence from rusting

Apr. 25, 2021

The stadium fence is a new type of playground fence, which is mainly used for the exterior of various venues, stadiums, sports fields and training venues to achieve the effect of isolation and maintenance. There are many ways to equip a stadium fence. Today, Xiaobian introduced several equipment methods for sports nets.

Stadium seine equipment method: drilling and digging, this is a new type of equipment, it is based on the size of the cement measurement, and then the column is directly inserted into it, and then the cement pouring is set quickly. This method is company and beautiful. The device is easy to save time, convenient, useful and efficient.

 stadium fence

Front-buried equipment, this is the traditional equipment method, it excavates the column in the foundation pit, and then pours the concrete, which is stronger, but the time and time, the construction period is very long. The flange plate is fixed with expansion screws, the flange plate is welded under the column, the holes are perforated on the flange, and the column is fixed on the ground with expansion screws. The equipment is convenient and fast, the hardness is not as good as pre-buried, it needs to harden the ground, and the hardened layer is greater than 15 cm.

Nowadays, stadium fences are more and more widely used in life, and its demand is gradually increasing. Most of the stadium's fences are outdoors. Experience the wind and rain every day. People will propose how to prevent rust in stadium fences in this environment.

The effect of the fence is to avoid rust by changing the internal structure of the stadium shell, such as making various corrosion-resistant alloys, such as adding chromium and nickel to ordinary steel to make stainless steel. Maintenance layer method: cover the maintenance layer on the metal surface to isolate the metal product from the surrounding corrosive medium to avoid corrosion. On the football field, the steel wire is covered with a layer of anticorrosive plastic through electroplating, hot plating, spray plating, dipping, spraying, etc., to avoid corrosion of steel by water and air.