How is the airport fence made?

May. 22, 2020

Airport fence, also known as 3d fence, or bending fence. I don't know how it was produced when I saw this tall fence mesh. This fence is made of large-diameter high-strength alloy steel wire. The airport fence is mainly a combination of a high-strength blade barbed wire and a common protective mesh. It consists of a V-shaped stand, a reinforced welded mesh, and a security anti-theft connection.

airport fence

1. Mesh wire warp 4.0mm-6.0mm;

2. Mesh: 5.0cm * 10cm5.0cm * 15cm7.0cm * 15cm, etc.;

3. Mesh size: 1.8m * 2m1.8m * 3m2m * 3m, etc .;

4. Column specifications: diameter 48mm, 60mm; wall thickness 1.5mm-3mm, etc .;

5. Accessories for fence-related products: connection cards, anti-theft bolts, rain caps;

6. Connection method: card connection or anti-theft screw;

7. Special specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

airport fence

The use of airport fences: the safety protection of airports, ports and docks, the isolation and protection of parks, lawns, zoos, ponds and lakes, roads and residential areas in municipal construction, the protection of hotels, hotels and entertainment venues.

If the fence for the airport is of the national standard quality, it must be made of plastic-impregnated silk warp 4.5mm-5.5mm;

  • Mesh wire 60mmx120mm around the bilateral wire;

  • Size: 2300mmx3000mm;

  • National standard fence post: 48mmx2mm steel pipe dip treatment;

  • Accessories: Anti-theft bolts for rain cap connection card;

  • Connection method: card connection.

Advantages of bending fence products: the mesh structure of the fence used in the airport is concise, beautiful and practical; the fence used in the airport is easy to transport and the installation is not restricted by terrain fluctuations; Extremely strong.