Galvanized Chain Link Fence installation methods and requirements

Apr. 15, 2021

The installation steps of the Galvanized Chain Link Fence include six steps: measurement line, original ground treatment (tamping), excavation along slope and foundation pit, temporary column positioning, installation of the wire fence of the gate, pouring column concrete, and overall tightening and adjustment of the fence .

1. Measure and stake out: According to the requirements of the design drawings and the actual terrain, the construction stake out of the ground objects, set the column axis, and according to the installation regulations of the slope guardrail network cable.

2. Ground treatment is an important prerequisite to ensure the stability and overall stability of the protective fence. The filling and compaction treatment must be carried out on the basis of the soft layer to ensure the solid buried column. The installation part of the column, from a historical point of view, the axis of the column on a straight line should not be uneven; the smooth angle from the beam should not be uniform, except for special terrain.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

3. Set up a datum and white space according to the measurement lofting, excavate the original surface and fill it on the gentle slope, and strengthen it again. The lofting position is listed in the excavation and installation of the foundation pit to ensure the size of the foundation pit.

4. The stability of the column must be ensured during the installation process, and the flatness of the installation column must be installed with the base of the tightly connected column to detect the application of the small line, and local adjustments should be made to ensure that the line segment is straight and smooth, the curve segment, and the column are fixed and consistent. Requirements for design drawings.

5. The mesh must be connected with the column, the mesh surface is flat, without obvious warpage and irregularity.

6. The bars are temporarily positioned and installed. The bars are installed correctly and safely, and then the concrete foundation is poured and repaired in time.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

Preparatory work before installation of Galvanized Chain Link Fence. In the production process of the factory fence, the user can advance the metal fence between the column and the column vector, and prepare the 50x50x50cm embedded foot in advance to facilitate the manufacturer to transport the product directly to the embedded part for laying. After the manufacturer transports the product to the construction site, connect the first column with the embedded parts, and then fix the column. After fixing, the Galvanized Chain Link Fence frame can be directly connected with the column. The installation bolts and other accessories are provided by the manufacturer intact, and the user does not need additional preparation.